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Аниме раб - человек, который имеет зависимость от порно и эротики из мультфильмов. Он не может прожить и дня без своих мультиков, ему нужны ежедневные дозы новых серий, иначе он зачахнет. В принципе, хентайщики и отаку - одни и те же люди. Но есть один ньюанс - немного разные вкусы. Если любителям хентая нравятся сиськи и жопы голые, то любителям эччи по душе любовь и гаремники. Вот такие загадочные фанаты анимэ.

Every year, the anime genre is increasingly gaining popularity. Now, many users want to watch anime online. That's for you, dear users, and this section has been created! Anime online - a type of Japanese animation. All cartoons in this genre are drawn exclusively in Japan. Basically generated series, which consist of many series (typically 12, 24 or more). These cartoons illuminate the various subjects of our life. The main characters are either teenagers or adults, making anime one of the most popular genres among this audience. Anime created based on the manga (Japanese comics). However, according to the director's request, may be discrepancies in the story of the manga and anime captured on it. Despite the huge number of fans is growing and the number of opponents of the anime genre. This is primarily due to the large amount of violence and eroticism in cartoons, as well as the inappropriate behavior of those watching anime.

Every day we add new items different from the world of anime - ongoingi, all series that have not yet come out, and have released the anime's past. We routinely monitor for updates, and publish the new series as they are released. One of the most popular anime today are: Naruto Season 2: Hurricane Chronicles, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Van Pease. All series are added in HD quality, with good voice acting, so you can fully enjoy a good picture and sound. In addition, we cooperate with several video hosting and you always have a choice in the selection of the source from which you will be watching the next series of your favorite anime. For your convenience, online anime section is divided into subsections: comedy, full-length, drama, fantasy, romance, fantasy, school, adventure, Etty, fur, syonen, mysticism, vampires, magical girl, sport, everyday life. We have any anime fan will find his favorite series, as well as novelty. Visit us every day - and you'll see a lot of interesting!

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